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8 R’s of Angel Investing that an investor has to think about by Tan Yinglan

At a recently held conference, organized by the Indian Venture capital association, Mumbai Angels had an opportunity to interact and understand more about the Innovation in China.

So what are the 8 R’s of angel investing?

1.       Revenue – Ensure the a firm’s partner entities of any firm are focused on revenues

2.       Remix – Remix Business models and technologies

3.       Rapid – Move rapidly. Adapt if things are not working properly

4.       Requirements – Fulfil unique client requirements

5.       Reproduce – Develop a discerning eye for reproductions

6.       Rivals – Lookout for your Rivals strategy

7.       Restriction – Government and legal restriction can result in opportunity

8.       Raw material – Consolidate raw material

Tan Yinglan addressed the conference and gave his insights about the innovation culture in China. Tan Yinglan oversees the National Framework of Innovation and Enterprise, reporting directly to the Research, Innovation and Enterprise Council chaired by the Prime Minister. He is Head (Projects), National Research Foundation, Prime Minister’s Office (Singapore). Yinglan is also the author of The Way Of the VC: Having Top Venture Capitalists On Your Board and Chinnovation – How Chinese Innovators are Changing the World.


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