I hope you like Chinnovation. if you feel like helping, you could buy one of my books:

1. Chinese Business Revealed (For a limited time, you can download this $29.95 book for free if you sign up for our mailing list (right))

2. How To Creatively Finance Your Startup (For a limited time, you can download this $9.95 book for free if you sign up for our mailing list (right))

3. Chinnovation – How Chinese Innovators are Changing the World (Print Edition)

4. The Way Of The VC – Top Venture Capitalists On Your Board (Print Edition)

I’d love it if you also bought copies for friends, relatives, co-workers, all the people in your company! And of course, recommend it to everyone. 🙂

If you’d like an autographed copy of the book, hard copies are $75.00 USD each; that amount includes shipping. Order here and mail your name and address to sales@wayofthevc.com.







For other books that I recommend, see the Chinnovation bookstore on Amazon. I get a small cut from each sale made there. In fact, if you click through and buy other products from Amazon (not just the books I recommend), I will get a cut. So feel free to click through and buy anything you like from Amazon, if you were planning to buy it anyway. Don’t buy a bunch of useless products just for me.

Your generosity has kept this site alive! Thank you, all of you.

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