Fireside Chat with Robotics Engineer Hod Lipson: Man’s Next Best Friends may be Self-Aware Robots, Self-Replicating Robots, Robotic Scientist Eureqa, and 3D Printing

On June 16, 2012, in 3D Printing, Cathy Tao, China Business Forum, Chinnovation, Eureqa, Robots, by Tan Yinglan

At, timely articles about business innovation are featured to help readers incorporate and invent creative approaches for improving their business fundamentals.  Cornell professor and robotics engineer Hod Lipson is fascinated by a different type of innovation. He is preoccupied with the question:  Can computers augment or replace human invention?  In other words, can computers be as creative and innovative as humans?  Since humans and other biological life forms excel at designing, adapting, breeding, and evolving, Lipson uses a biologically inspired approach in his design of robots.

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