8Rs of Angel Investing

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Courtesy of Mumbai Angels. Thanks for the feature.

8 R’s of Angel Investing that an investor has to think about by Tan Yinglan

At a recently held conference, organized by the Indian Venture capital association, Mumbai Angels had an opportunity to interact and understand more about the Innovation in China.

So what are the 8 R’s of angel investing?

1.       Revenue – Ensure the a firm’s partner entities of any firm are focused on revenues

2.       Remix – Remix Business models and technologies

3.       Rapid – Move rapidly. Adapt if things are not working properly

4.       Requirements – Fulfil unique client requirements

5.       Reproduce – Develop a discerning eye for reproductions

6.       Rivals – Lookout for your Rivals strategy

7.       Restriction – Government and legal restriction can result in opportunity

8.       Raw material – Consolidate raw material

Tan Yinglan addressed the conference and gave his insights about the innovation culture in China. Tan Yinglan oversees the National Framework of Innovation and Enterprise, reporting directly to the Research, Innovation and Enterprise Council chaired by the Prime Minister. He is Head (Projects), National Research Foundation, Prime Minister’s Office (Singapore). Yinglan is also the author of The Way Of the VC: Having Top Venture Capitalists On Your Board and Chinnovation – How Chinese Innovators are Changing the World.

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How to build a strong business bridge between China, India and Southeast Asia

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 South East Asia Dragon 

Asia is the fastest growing region economically today and within Asia, there is no argument that China and India are the two giants, with China clocking 6.9 Trillion USD and India registering upwards of 4 Trillion USD in 2011 in GDP.  Though a lot of people have mixed opinions, China and India are complementary in strengths. China is strong in manufacturing, electronic hardware and Infrastructure build-out, India is very strong technology and services and there is enough room for both to leverage each other’s economies, if one imagines that each could become like another United States type economy ($15 Trillion US) in economic scale.  Just like vector addition in Mathematics, it would be nice if we could figure out how China and India can complement and leverage each other in this growth story. An Indian minister Jairam Ramesh coined the popular term “ChIndia”.  However, reality is somewhat different. This paper attempts to talk about how we can bridge this economically in a business sense, though geopolitics is heavily involved.

Singapore aspires to be an honest broker: Tan Yinglan

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Map indicating locations of India and Singapore

An honest broker is what Singapore aspires to be as it steps up efforts to foster greater interaction between Chinese and Indian entrepreneurs, says Tan Yinglan, a scholar on Chinese entrepreneurship who is part of the government’s drive to promote innovation in the city-state.

How to Bridge China and India Innovation

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Bridging China and India Innovation

This is a guest post by one of my most promising students, Huang Zaiqi, is currently  the director of investment projects for Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology ,Chinese Academy of Sciences. A adapted version has been submitted for publication in China Daily.

Under the uncertain trend of global economy, China and India as two economic express have shown their strong boosting power in recent years. They have promoted a sound development of world economy, while drawing more and more attention from various institutions and investors around the world as well. When everyone began to understand the oriental dragon with great interest, they found out that the Western model they brought is no longer applicable to this wonderful country…


How to bridge China and India Innovation

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Indian rail

Here are excerpts of my interview by Divya Guha of Indian Venture Capital Association for the December edition of RIPE (Report on Indian Private Equity)

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