Top ways to turnaround a start-up business

On May 3, 2012, in China Business Forum, Chinnovation, Shiva Venkatraman, Tan Yinglan, by Tan Yinglan

Startups struggling for survival are not uncommon, due to economic changes, management problems, or product issues. Successful startups change directions but stay grounded in what they’ve learned. Ask yourself: if you started over today, would you build the same product? Shiva explains more below.

Top 10 opportunities for Asian Entrepreneurs in the Cloud

The world is moving into a world where multi-modal devices dominate. You work on a document on your Macbook Air, then proof-reads and edit on your Ipad and then touch it up on your phone, store it on Evernote and save a copy on Dropbox. The backbone of this: Cloud Computing. Shiva elaborates on the opportunities. Tan Yinglan

Top 10 ways to scale your startup fast

On April 28, 2012, in China Business Forum, Chinnovation, Scaling, Shiva Venkatraman, by Tan Yinglan

Starting a company can be quite different in scaling a startup, and as such require quite different different skillsets. One of the most difficult decisions of an entrepreneur is when to let go of their baby, step aside and let professional management take over.  Shiva explains more.

There is a significant difference between a small start-up business and as the famous venture capitalist Vinod Khosla calls it a “zero billion dollar start-up”. The latter has the DNA to become big and have a meaningful exit or growth path. How does one scale a start-up and that too at the right speed? This article of mine shares some ideas.

Top 10 ways to bootstrap your business

On February 14, 2012, in Bootstrapping, China Business Forum, Chinnovation, Shiva Venkatraman, Tan Yinglan, by Tan Yinglan
Pair of classic black leather Dr. Martens boot...

Another great article from Shiva. A lot of people think entrepreneurship is about writing a business plan and pitching to VCs. Very few people write about the virtue of bootstrapping your business for as long as possible. Shiva tells you how to do so. – Tan Yinglan

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