How to build a strong business bridge between China, India and Southeast Asia

On January 6, 2012, in China Business Forum, Chinnovation, India, South East Asia, Tan Yinglan, by Tan Yinglan
 South East Asia Dragon 

Asia is the fastest growing region economically today and within Asia, there is no argument that China and India are the two giants, with China clocking 6.9 Trillion USD and India registering upwards of 4 Trillion USD in 2011 in GDP.  Though a lot of people have mixed opinions, China and India are complementary in strengths. China is strong in manufacturing, electronic hardware and Infrastructure build-out, India is very strong technology and services and there is enough room for both to leverage each other’s economies, if one imagines that each could become like another United States type economy ($15 Trillion US) in economic scale.  Just like vector addition in Mathematics, it would be nice if we could figure out how China and India can complement and leverage each other in this growth story. An Indian minister Jairam Ramesh coined the popular term “ChIndia”.  However, reality is somewhat different. This paper attempts to talk about how we can bridge this economically in a business sense, though geopolitics is heavily involved.

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