Lessons on Leadership by Sir Alex Ferguson

On January 31, 2016, in Uncategorized, by Tan Yinglan

Leading is a masterful guide to great leadership on Sir Alex Ferguson, written by Sir Michael Moritz. Embedded within the sharing by Sir Alex are relevant lessons for entrepreneurs who want to build enduring companies. 1. Build strong basic foundations. Ferguson created a structure for the long term by restructuring the youth and scouting program. Early […]

China’s Solar Power and the 4 Technologies you need

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I like Stephen Lacey’s piece on China’s solar dominance, which resonates with my thoughts on the pressure point principle: The Chinese strategy is very clear. They are engaging in predatory financing and they’re trying to drive everybody else out of the market. When you’ve got free money you can out-dump everybody below cost,” Ashley said […]

solar charger SC700U 2600mAh/3600mAh/5600mAh

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Emergency solar charger for widely used mobile phone/GPS/MP4 / digital camera/electronic product.

Panda is the national treasure of china

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A lovely photo spotted of the national treasure of China. Sent from my iPad