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  • Chinnovate is the most elite and value-creating network for CEOs and Chairman in Asia.
  • Chinnovate is structured in a way which that creates high quality in all peer groups, unlike volunteer groups which are managed autonomously.
  • Chinnovate is the only professional network that single-handedly organises networks for CEOs and company leaders.
  • We have chosen to only focus on executive networks with a high level of exclusivity for content and form.
  • Our executives are composed of members who represent the broadest spectrum of industries, which in turn leads to the highest level of diversification.
Are you:
  • Company leaders of large corporations who want to understand innovation and corporate venturing in Asia
  • CEO and Chairman of high-growth companies (with > 20 staff) looking to expand to Asia who need assistance with fund raising, personnel recruitment, go-to-market
  • Business/Entrepreneur associations with >100 members who want to develop a first-tier network in Asia/SEA
  • Managing Partners / Partners of top-tier venture capital and private equity firms

If so, you are eligible to apply to the Chinnovate premium network.


“Chinnovate is on the pulse of Asian innovation and is the heartbeat of expanding entrepreneurship in the region: Global leadership in action!”                                         –Collin Thompson, Founder, Cipherism

“Many thanks for organizing this panel. It was diverse, informative and a pleasure. And it was very nice meeting the rest of the panelists and speakers as well.”
Andras Forgacs, Managing Director, Richmond Global, LLC

“Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of your webinar. I thoroughly enjoyed the conversations and insights provided by the panelists. I would welcome the opportunity to continue to participate and add value where I can for your efforts.”
— Zachary C. Piester, Managing Director, Silver Creek Partners Inc.

“Dear Yinglan, Thanks very much for the Webinar, I learned a lot and appreciate your openness to share your knowledge and insights, and suggestions on how to be more effective in selecting a VC.”
–Bee Leng Chua, PhD Executive Director, Hawaii Business and Entrepreneur Acceleration Mentors



There are 10 yearly group webinars. The group webinars are held on Saturdays 10am – 11am in order to avoid inteference with the members’ daily work. (Singapore Time, UTC/GMT +8 hours, New York, Fri 2200*, San Francisco Fri 1900*, London Sat 0300)


Discussion topics are organized so that the most current issues are addressed based on the members’ professional activities.

The framework of the network ensures that all the members discover each other’s skills and competencies.

Due to the complementary expertise that the group possess, members obtain new insights into the application of knowledge and resources

The value creation occurs when the skills/competencies are identified and the members tap into the potential synergies that collaboration produces. It is precisely this process that Chinnovate facilitates and supports through experiences across the groups.


Chinnovation book launch in California I

When we ask our members why they participate in Chinnovate executive network groups they highlight the following:

  • Spirited discussions with equals
  • A confidential, open round-table
  • Enlarges networks across different industries
  • Strengthens their professional position
  • Ensures continuous professional development
  • Be challenged
  • Inspiration at the highest levels
  • Forum for exchange of experience
  • Insights into current affairs
  • Networks open doors professionally and personally
  • Long-term career planning

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Want to speak at our webinar?


“Yinglan: Thanks for the opportunity to participate; I have a lot of fun doing these kind of talks.”
Eric Young, Partner & Founder, Canaan Partners

“Hi, Yinglan: Thank you for bringing us together. It was a great Panel.”
Ken Xu, Partner, Gobi Partners

“Thank you all, as I had learned quite a few things from you and enjoyed it enormously.”
John C. Chiang, Ph. D., Prof. Dept of Technology Management, Peking University

“Dear Ying Lan, I want to thank you for inviting me to be a panellist. I really enjoyed myself and reconnect with many old friends and made more new friends.”
Koh Soo Boon, Founder and Managing Partner, IGlobe Partners

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The premium webinars is like a gym membership. You can buy a membership, but unless you put in the work, you won’t be able to lose weight or, in this case, make progress with your business.


Previous speakers include:

  • Vice-Minister of Transportation Department, Republic of Indonesia, Dr Bambang Susantono
  • Dell’s Chairman for Greater China, Amit Midha
  • Kelvin Chan, Senior Vice-President/Co-Head Primary Market Asia, Partners Group
  • Denis Tse, Head of Private Markets – Asia, Lockheed Martin Investment
  • Foo Jixun, Managing Director of GGV Capital, investor in Baidu (NASDAQ:BIDU)
  • Peter A. Howley, former CEO of Centex Telemanagement (NASDAQ: CNTX), former Board member of Exodus Communications (NASDAQ: EXDS)
  • K. Bobby Chao, Founding Managing Partner, DFJ DragonFund China
  • Eric Young, Founder and General Partner, Canaan Partners
  • Chua Kee Lock, Managing Partner, Vertex Venture Partners
  • Winston Fu, General Partner, USVP
  • Dr. Stephen Chiao, Managing Partner, Sycamore Ventures
  • Nick Yang, Co-Founder, KongZhong (NASDAQ:KONG), and
  • Wu Jian Guang, Chairman & CEO, Really Sports, Vice-Chairman, Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce
  • Wayne Wei-Ming Dai, founder, Chairman, President and CEO of VeriSilicon Holdings Co., Ltd
  • Huang Yan, General Partner, CDH Group
  • Ken Xu, General Partner Gobi Ventures
  • Dr Jeff Chi, General Partner, Vickers Venture
  • Mr Koh Soo Boon, Managing Partner, iGlobe Partners

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