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Nick Yang is one of China’s most successful digital media entrepreneurs.

Nick builds platforms and content that are used by hundreds and millions of people in China – every day of their lives. At 34 he is starting his third company.

Nick Yang graduated from Stanford University, master’s degree in electrical engineering in 1999.

Nick is the Co-Founder and Non-Executive Vice Chairman of KongZhong, China’s leading mobile internet company and provider of mobile interactive entertainment, media and communities.  Since founding the company in May 2002, Nick has served as President, and CTO.  The company listed on NASDAQ (KONG) in July 2004. Partnering with China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom and China Netcom, KongZhong provides various wireless value-added services to China’s mobile phone and fixed-line phone users.

Prior to co-founding KongZhong, Nick was the Vice President and CTO of  – China’s premier online brand encompassing search and China’s leading network of entertainment, social media and web 2.0 products.

In June 1999, Nick co-founded ChinaRen Inc – China’s leading online community site for young people.  ChinaRen was bought by Sohu for $35 million of Sohu Stock.

Today, Nick is building (Monkey King Search Limited) – a brand new start-up focussed on conceptual search and intent on becoming Baidu’s No. 1. competitor. is a leading business search engine, service-based high-technology companies.  Its main products are “Wukong Search”. Since inception, we have been focused on search engine R & D. “Wukong Search”  has become the most professional one of the wireless search engine sites in China

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