Ryan Lee


Without Ryan, there would be no X-mini™. The man that leads the X-mini™ team is the one with all the biggest dreams. Ryan Lee made it big with the X-mini and X-mini Max speakers his company developed. The tiny speaker, which creates a sound 10 times its size, has proved a big hit with consumers worldwide. Within three months of launching the X-mini, Lee’s company, Xm-i, broke even on all first-year expenses; within six months of the launch, the product was selling in more than 25 countries. His products received rave reviews from tech critics and won the Red Dot award for product design in 2008. Ryan has a head full of ideas and is always eager to share it with the rest of the world through the products that he develops. He is a firm believer of cherishing people over profit, which explains why at Xmi Pte Ltd, we are not just colleagues, but friends who work together towards achieving a dream that is bigger than all of us. Ryan also has a natural talent for coming up with the funniest one-liners and is a self-confessed camera whore even though he hardly ever appears in any of his pictures!

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