Chinnovate Premium Webinars Sponsorship Opportunities

Chinnovate produces regularly various interactive live premium Webinars covering different areas in Chinese business and innovation.

Exclusive Sponsor

Sponsor Benefits include:

Lead Generation: Each Chinnovate Premium Webinar will generate hundreds of qualified leads from our CEO and Chairman Level participants.

Be perceived as a Thought-Leader: Chinnovate Premium Webinars will exclusively position your company as an expert, and leading educator, on subjects important to your company and to your communities.

Third Party Affiliation: The Chinnovate name attached to the Webinar increases quality turnout by heightening the credibility and perception of the event as informational and educational.

High Quality Audience: Webinars allow sponsor to participate with content in front of an audience of C-level executives, partners at venture capital firms, decision-makers around the world who would otherwise be unlikely to be assembled in one place at one time.

Turnkey Execution: Chinnovate promotes, produces and administers the entire event. Sponsor works in shaping the agenda, but Chinnovate handle all the technological, promotional and administrative logistics.

Personal Exposure Panelists: Sponsor representative(s) or third party analyst/expert. Sponsor representative will also have a Q&A session to explain a complex product / service if necessary.

Shelf Life: Chinnovate Premium Webinars will be archived on the Chinnovate web site for one year.

7 Complimentary passes to members to give you maximum exposure.

Additional Exclusive Sponsorship Includes:

Exclusive Sponsors may customise their session to own requirements. They will appear on all webinar marketing material.

Format & Delivery

Webinars last for one hour and consist of PowerPoint slides with an accompanying live audio stream. The hour typically breaks down as follows:

Introduction (Chinnovate Chair) 5 minutes

• Expert/consultant introduction (invited by Chinnovate) or user case-study (invited by sponsor) 25 minutes

Sponsor presentation and/or product demonstration (Exclusive Sponsor) 20 minutes

• Q & A with Speakers (and Sponsors) – (Chinnovate Chair) 10 minutes


  • Recognition with logo and link to company’s website on all Chinnovate marketing materials (including email messages) that are sent out to members and prospects to promote the Webinar.
  • Recognition with logo on the page of the Chinnovate website that promotes the specific webinar.

During Webinar

  • Verbal recognition of your sponsorship during the Webinar.
  • Company contact slide at the end of the presentation.


  • Logo with tagline and link to company’s website and recognition in the issue of the Chinnovate Wire that follows the Webinar.

Additional Benefits

  • Logo will appear on the Webinar page of the Chinnovate website for 1 year.
  • In places where your company logo appears, you will be given the opportunity to link to your website.
  • Small company logo on all slides.
  • A link to the Webinar recording which can be posted on your company website. This link will be made available to anyone visiting the Chinnovate website.

Presentation Delivery

Delegates register for the Webinar in advance and log on to the dedicated website, via the link which Chinnovate supplies to them in their registration confirmation, at the date and time specified. In order to access the webinar they require an Internet connection, speakers or headphones. Delegates are able to submit questions to the panel of speakers on-line for the duration of the webinar. These questions will be dealt with at the end of a presentation or alternatively in the Q & A session, as the Chair deems appropriate.

Maximum Exposure with Minimum Effort


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