Way Of The VC (Chinese Edition) It has been a while since I have written (sorry for the dormancy).

I am happy to let you know that the Chinese editions of two of my books are out.

Way Of The VC (风险投资之道) This was the original catalyst which started the journey. I have told many people that I still think this is the best book I have written, although subsequent books sold much better.  I have completely forgotten that my book was translated to Chinese and was told by some of my friends in China that they saw it at the bookstore. To my pleasant surprise, this Chinese edition has been very well-reviewed at Dangdang. (29 x 5-star ratings). One reviewer said: “投资方面的一本书” 介绍了风险投资的游戏规则. (An investment-related book, introduces the rules of the game of venture capital.)

Chinnovation (Chinese)



Chinnovation (创新的国度)

Again, it was my wife who informed me about the Chinese edition of the book.

I just made a trip to Shanghai and it never ceases to amaze me how fast China changes.

Glancing through the two books again, many of my views have changed. Perhaps after many years later, I will write an epilogue to these books.

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