Dealnote: Dealnote translates the intelligence of top VCs into an app at your fingertips. This app is more than a guide to seeking funding from VCs from inception through deal completion. This app is more than a due diligence toolkit used by venture capitalists. This app turns the art of venture decision from an art to a science by benchmarking best practices from the industry’s top ten VCs and what they look for. This app is as much a guide to successful funding preparations as it is a checklist for uncovering possible cracks in a funding deal. Read more and download on Ipad here.

Valuator: Valuation of early-stage companies is both an art and a science. Valuator provides a back-of-the-envelope estimate of the valuation of your company which sets the basis for negotiation. Read more and download on Iphone/Ipad here.

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