Chinnovation in the Classroom
When Chinnovation launched back in June, our hope was to ignite a movement that would bring positive change to the way that organizations — and the individuals within them — approach their work and think about how Chinnovation influence their work.

As we’ve taken the book and its message on tour across the country, we’ve been struck by how strongly people have connected to the Chinnovation message from across widely diverse industries, from solo entrepreneurs to small businesses to giant corporations!

Chinnovation beyond the Business World
Beyond the business world, we’ve also heard from individuals, families, churches and a growing number of educators. We agree with so many others that bringing a curriculum of happiness into the world of education is so full of possibility, and we’ve created this space to start the conversation with those who share that interest.

Interested in bringing a curriculum of Chinnovation into the classroom?
If you’re a student, educator, educational administrator, or just someone who’s interested in bringing Chinnovation into the classroom, please send us your info by filling out the form below. We’ll add you to our growing list of people who are ready to make this happen and do what we can to help make it real!

Already incorporating Chinnovation in your curriculum?
The stories are rolling in from teachers, administrators and book club leaders across the globe who’ve jumped right in to get the discussion going about Delivering Happiness, identifying core values and finding their higher purpose! If you’re one of those people, we salute you and invite you to share your story with others!

* What did your lesson plan look like?
* What questions did you ask yourselves?
* What were some of the most interesting discoveries? The most unexpected?
* Where do you plan to take this next?

If you’re still working on a curriculum and/or book club/Meetup questions, let us know how we can help.


Chinnovation in the Classroom

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