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Upcoming events:

Innovations from Young High Potential Entrepreneurs in Asia (Feb 25th)

Secrets of Building the Next Silicon Valley in Asia – Startups & Beyond (Feb 25th 2012)

Webinar Timings: 10am – 11am (Singapore Time, UTC/GMT +8 hours) (New York, Fri 2100*, San Francisco Fri 1800*, London Sat 0200)

Please click on this link to join the seminar at the scheduled time 

Conference Call Number: +1 (218) 339-2409
Pin Number: 3761487


Module 1: Craft a Personal Entrepreneurial Strategy

New Venture Creation – Personal Entrepreneurial Strategy

Case Study: Tudou Case Study (China – online video)

Case Study: Sribu (Indonesia – an Indonesia-oriented service for connecting web/graphic designers with client)

Module 2: Create, Shape, Recognize and Seize the Opportunity

New Venture Creation – Creating and Seizing Opportunity

Idea formation: Chinnovation – Sourcing Ideas

Webinar: How to Build Billion Dollar Web 3.0 and Mobile Businesses in Asia

Disruption in Higher Education:

Case Study: Vserv Digital, (In-app Mobile Ad Network, India)


Module 3: Screen Venture Opportunities

New Venture Creation- The Opportunity

Chinnovation- Best Practices across Disciplines

Webinar: Innovative High Potential Entrepreneurs in Asia

Module 4: The New Business Proposal (Why the Business Plan is outdated)

New Venture Creation – Business Plan

Case: Ayoxxa

Webinar: Why Startups Fail and Yours can Succeed (Dave Feinleib, former General Partner at Mohr Davidow) Slides

Case Study: MamibuyEzytable

Module 5:Assemble the Founder and Team

New Venture Creation – Founder and Team

Chinnovation- Choosing People

Module 6: Make Ethical Decisions

New Venture Creation – Ethical Decision Making

Module 7: Finance Entrepreneurial Ventures

Financing Entrepreneurial Ventures

Case: Cipher

Webinar: Fund-raising, Revenues, Exits & the Apple Way

Private Equity & VC Update (Headland Partners)

Module 8: Assemble Resources

Chinnovation -Taking an Idea to Market

Future Trends Forum

Webinar: Trendsetting

Module 9: Franchise


Module 10: Entrepreneurial Finance

China Investing

Case Study: IndusBiotech (India)

Module 11: Obtain Venture and Growth Capital

Webinar: Value-creation and Portfolio Managament in Asia

Module 12: The Deal: Valuation, Structure, and Negotiation

Webinar: Emerging Fundraising Models in Asia, Fundraising Strategies for Asian GPs

Webinar: Raising Your First Fund.

Module 13: Obtain Debt Capital

Case: Kingsoft

Module 14: Grow a Startup and Beyond

How fast is China Globalizing (Chinese-Outbound-Investments_02-2011)

Case: Mu Sigma (video here:

Webinar: Secrets of Building Silicon Valley in Asia: Startups and Beyond

Module 15: Lead Rapid Growth, Crises, and Recovery

Case Study: Sourcebits (India) Video

Module 16: Working with the Family as Entrepreneur

Module 17: Harvest and Beyond

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  • E-Lessons. These automated e-modules provide instant high-level learning and are a great way to kick-start your education.
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  • Webinars. Monthly live Webinars provide in-depth training on specific topics, with the ability for members to ask questions live. Pro members receive free registration to upcoming webinars and access to all archived events.
  • Apps. Apps are frequently produced for members, including Valuator (computes the valuation of your company) and DealNote (due diligence diagnostic notebook) with several more in the pipeline.
  • Slide Decks. We travel all over the world talking about trending topics. Then we share those slide decks with you. Use these decks for your own internal presentations or as a basis for key decisions.
  • Access to private events & eminent speakers
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  • Live Training. Our bi-monthly live-training gives you the opportunity to lead the conversation and benefit from the Chinnovate network. Members are invited to submit their questions and then listen as experts and Chinnovate network provides this member-direct problem-solving.
  • Thought Leader Podcasts. We’re constantly bringing you brand-new audio lessons featuring expert interviews. Download the audio and get the latest insights from researchers, authors and thought leaders.
  • Opportunity to participate in monthly events as speakers and/or panel members / showcase companies.
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