The Chinnovate Premium Membership is the number one network for CEOs and Chairman in Asia.

  • Chinnovate is the most elite and value-creating network for CEOs and Chairman in Asia.
  • Chinnovate is structured in a way which that creates high quality in all peer groups, unlike volunteer groups which are managed autonomously.
  • Chinnovate is the only professional network that single-handedly organises networks for CEOs and company leaders.
  • We have chosen to only focus on executive networks with a high level of exclusivity for content and form.
  • Our executives are composed of members who represent the broadest spectrum of industries, which in turn leads to the highest level of diversification.
As a Chinnovate premium member, you will be enrolled in a Chinnovate Mastermind Group where:
  • You have a group of extremely high-quality people available to help you succeed.
  • You get the benefit of differing perspectives, input and feedback.
  • The Chinnovate network can bring resources and connections to the table you might not have had on your own.
  • You receive accountability and inspiration from the group (through regular virtual meetings), thus enabling you to maintain focus in achieving your goals.

If you are starting or growing a business (especially in Asia), it usually means you have to get up to speed fast, make the right decisions, line up funding, and prevent your business idea from becoming another flavor of the month idea that goes nowhere.

But, let’s face it, most entrepreneurs don’t have big budgets (big? Try any…). So, you do what we all do when we need information but don’t have the budget to hire an outside consultant. Google it!

As you’ve already seen from your search, there’s a lot of free information out there that will help you build a business—if you’re willing to wade through 100-page research reports. And you can usually drum up a strategy or two, but how do you know if it’s a good strategy based on best(and winning) practices from successful entrepreneurs ?

All of this uncertainty costs you time and money. How about taking a shortcut and learning from the best in the business? Have you wondered:

  • How did Neil Shen (now Founding Managing Partner at Sequoia Capital China), co-founder of CTRIP, see the opportunity for a Chinese travel site and grow the company to be a NASDAQ-listed firm?
  • How did Jack Ma, grow Alibaba into the largest e-commerce website in China, without any people, money or idea at the start?
  • How did Liu Jiren, a university professor without much business experience, grow Neusoft to be the leading software company in China?
  • How did Ray Zhang, CEO of Ehi, scale up one of the most innovative hybrid car-rental companies in China?
  • How did Zhang Tao, CEO of Dianping, start a ZAGAT-inspired user-review site for restaurants?
  • How did Telenav, a GPS company which was filing for Chapter 11, in the post 9-11 market, eventually turn around and become a NASDAQ-listed company?

These are just some case studies which are featured in the premium membership case studies.

 Chinnovate Premium Membership is THE Online Resource for entrepreneurs in Asia

We’ll learn together, as a group, using methods I’ve learned through hundreds of experiments, with lessons from hundreds of successful entrepreneurs, honed through trial and error, perfected in classes I’ve taught, in the lab of the real world.


Basic membership will include:

  • Articles. Whether you’re a first-time entrepreneur or a seasoned serial entrepreneur, you’ll find new articles each month that cover trending topics. Here you’ll find success stories, winning moves, guidance for entrepreneurs and culture tips.
  • E-Lessons. These automated e-modules provide instant high-level learning and are a great way to kick-start your education.
  • Forum Q&A. Mini-courses on these topics. Members vote on mini-course topics. The first mini-course is on New Venture Creation, in March — see below for more.
  • Ability for members to submit questions that will be answered in articles and videos.
  • Guest experts via articles and live video on these topics.


Pro membership includes (in addition to benefits in Basic):
  • Webinars. Monthly live Webinars provide in-depth training on specific topics, with the ability for members to ask questions live. Pro members receive free registration to upcoming webinars and access to all archived events.
  • Apps. Apps are frequently produced for members, including Valuator (computes the valuation of your company) and DealNote (due diligence diagnostic notebook) with several more in the pipeline.
  • Slide Decks. We travel all over the world talking about trending topics. Then we share those slide decks with you. Use these decks for your own internal presentations or as a basis for key decisions.
  • Access to private events & eminent speakers
  • Connect with passionate entrepreneurs


Pro+ membership includes (in addition to benefits in Basic & Pro):
  • Chinnovate Circles. Our bi-monthly live events gives you the opportunity to lead the conversation and benefit from the Chinnovate CEO and Chairman network. Members are invited to submit their questions and then listen as experts and Chinnovate network provides this member-direct problem-solving.
  • One-One Phone Consultation. Get direct, personal access to Chinnovate staff for a 1 hour conference call. Chinnovate staff will help you address your particular concern and outline a plan of action.
  • Strategy Sheet. After your one-on-one conference call, Chinnovate staff will send you a customized actionable strategy sheet based on your conversation.
  • Thought Leader Podcasts. We’re constantly bringing you brand-new audio lessons featuring expert interviews. Download the audio and get the latest insights from researchers, authors and thought leaders.
  • Opportunity to participate in monthly events as speakers and/or panel members / showcase companies.
  • Opportunity to be mentored by successful entrepreneurs and VCs
  • Opportunity to serve as mentors to budding entrepreneurs.



“Chinnovate is on the pulse of Asian innovation and is the heartbeat of expanding entrepreneurship in the region: Global leadership in action!”
Collin Thompson, Founder, Cipherism

“Many thanks for organizing this. It was diverse, informative and a pleasure. And it was very nice meeting the panelists and speakers as well.”
Andras Forgacs, Managing Director, Richmond Global, LLC

“Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of your webinar. I thoroughly enjoyed the conversations and insights provided by the panelists. I would welcome the opportunity to continue to participate and add value where I can for your efforts.”
– Zachary C. Piester, Managing Director, Silver Creek Partners Inc.

“Dear Yinglan, Thanks very much for the Webinar, I learned a lot and appreciate your openness to share your knowledge and insights, and suggestions on how to be more effective in selecting a VC.”
–Bee Leng Chua, PhD, Executive Director, Hawaii Business and Entrepreneur Acceleration Mentors

New Venture Creation in Asia Mini-Course in March

As part of your membership, I’ve created a mini-course on New Venture Creation in Asia. It starts Mar. 1 and runs through the end of the month. In the course, we’ll be creating some business models together, as a group.In the course, we’ll be learning how to:

  1. Develop an Entrepreneurial Mind for an Entrepreneurial World
  2. Craft a Personal Entrepreneurial Strategy
  3. Create, Shape, Recognize and Seize the Opportunity
  4. Screen Venture Opportunities
  5. The New Business Proposal (Why the Business Plan is outdated)
  6. Assemble the Founder and Team
  7. Make Ethical Decisions
  8. Finance Entrepreneurial Ventures
  9. Assemble Resources
  10. Franchise
  11. Entrepreneurial Finance
  12. Obtain Venture and Growth Capital
  13. The Deal: Valuation, Structure, and Negotiation
  14. Obtain Debt Capital
  15. Grow a Startup and Beyond
  16. Lead Rapid Growth, Crises, and Recovery
  17. Working with the Family as Entrepreneur
  18. Harvest and Beyond

The mini-course will include: articles by me and guest experts, video interviews, a live webinar with me where you can ask questions live, the ability to ask questions that I can answer in articles/videos.

Exclusive Content and Access


Q: Why can’t this content be available to everyone for free?
A: This membership model is really more like me publishing books that are for sale, only available to people who pay, but in a different format. Instead of buying one book with a single payment, you subscribe and get live webinars, mini-courses, articles, videos and more. I’m experimenting with different forms of offering unique content, and I think this will be better than ebooks, because you’ll have live access to me (ask questions, live webinars, suggest/vote on upcoming mini-courses, etc.). And we’ll create business models together, as a group, which is something you can’t do with a blog post or an ebook.

Q: Do I need a Paypal account to register?
A: If you have a credit card, you can register … but for this subscription model, yes, you’ll need to create a free Paypal account. It’s very simple, and only requires a credit card, an email, and the creation of a password.

Q: How do I cancel and/or get a refund?
A: There are no refunds, because once you’ve registered you have access to all the content. However, you can cancel your subscription at any time through Paypal, and you won’t be charged again.

Q: I registered, now what?
Be sure to check your email for the confirmation email — it might be in your Bulk or Spam folder if it’s not in your inbox. Please click the confirmation link to confirm your email, so you can receive all the updates for member content, webinars, mini-courses and more. After you confirm your email, you’ll get a welcome email with instructions.


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