Top 10 ways to scale your startup fast

On April 28, 2012, in China Business Forum, Chinnovation, Scaling, Shiva Venkatraman, by Tan Yinglan

Starting a company can be quite different in scaling a startup, and as such require quite different different skillsets. One of the most difficult decisions of an entrepreneur is when to let go of their baby, step aside and let professional management take over.  Shiva explains more.

There is a significant difference between a small start-up business and as the famous venture capitalist Vinod Khosla calls it a “zero billion dollar start-up”. The latter has the DNA to become big and have a meaningful exit or growth path. How does one scale a start-up and that too at the right speed? This article of mine shares some ideas.

Winning Moves of Jiangsu Entrepreneurs

On April 7, 2012, in China Business Forum, Chinnovation, Tan Yinglan, Wang Yang, by Tan Yinglan

An SVG map of China with Jiangsu province high...

This piece below is by Wang Yang, who  is a valued student of mine, an entrepreneur and also an economic consultant to the Jiangsu government. My experience has been that Zhejiang entrepreneurs listen to the market市场, while Jiangsu entrepreneur listen to the governor 市长. Wang Yang explains more. 


China Context, Ecosystems, and System-Thinking

On March 28, 2012, in China Business Forum, Chinnovation, by Tan Yinglan
Fort Stewart ecosystem

China Context, Ecosystems, and System-Thinking

“Ecosystems”, “system-thinking”, “design-thinking” – are all over-used, ambiguous cliches. Do we all share the same understanding of these terms? What is important is that these concepts describe changes in how we interact, our social contracts, our worldview. In this new context, what do we mean by “winning” or “losing”, “better”, or “worse”?  How are “success” and “effectiveness” and defined?

Fireside Chat With Marc van der Chijs:  China’s UnitedStyles May Become Etsy of Fashion Design

On March 21, 2012, in Cathy Tao, Design, Marc van der Chijs, Reproductions, Technology, by Tan Yinglan

What could be every woman’s worst nightmare?   How about going to a cocktail party, private reception, or charity gala where you plan to network and impress and being one of two in the room wearing the exact same dress from probably the same mass retailer?  This is not a far-fetched statement:  Many women shun social gatherings important for them to attend because they don’t have anything suitable to wear.  They can’t afford clothing with the exclusive, eye-catching flair befitting of the occasion, and they don’t have well-heeled, fashion conscious friends to borrow haute couture from.

2012 CEIBS Corporate Venturing & Venture Capital Summit (Shanghai, April 12-14)

On March 9, 2012, in CEIBS, China Business Forum, Chinnovation, Martin Haemmig, by Tan Yinglan

"GNET" Corporate Venturing and Venture Capital

Since 2007, China’s rapid development of its capital market had to withstand the global market turmoil of the financial crisis. According to recent Zero2ipo statistics, China’s VC/PE investments reached cumulatively over 5000 enterprises in its short history, with most of them required to exit through IPO or by M&A in the next few years. In 2011, the total number of Chinese IPOs reached 356 companies, of which 171 companies were VC/PE financed. M&A transaction reached an unprecedented record with 1’157 deals in 2011 (15% were cross-border deals), of which 194 were VC/PE financed.

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