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On January 25, 2011, in Mobile, by Tan Yinglan
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I gave a talk to Nokia Siemens Networks on smart money in TMT sector. This was a senior APAC team, which I found out carved out India and China from their APAC operations.They had a rather large team in Singapore (400+)

The questions were rather thought provoking. Other than the typical questions (sector-focus – Are you focusing on cleantech, machine-machine? time horizon to exit – what is the average holding period of investment, size of investment)

How do you carve out a risk-taking entity from a large oragnisation?

How do you distill best practices and yet tweak the best to innovate?

How do you differentiate from competitors?

How do you compensate entrepreneurs? (Ans: pay scrappy entrepreneurs who behaved more like rats very little in the hope that they are successful)

How do you see the Chinese internationalising (other than copying)?

The importance of  a coordinatory role to fill in the gaps missed by business unit.

We also discussed how the Chinese disruptive innovatively on cost and to slowly move up the value chain. We also discussed how national pride by Korean and Japan which keeps them innovating.

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